Henric Blomqvist

Fender Stratocaster

American Special

Manne Taos

Gloss Special

Custom Made

Line6 JTV 89


Hughes & Kettner

TriAmp Mk II

Line6 POD


Line6 POD

HD Pro

Henric uses a series of different guitars,pre-amps and amps.


The Manne Taos Gloss Special w/Manne asymmetrical helicoidal neck,custom fretboard inlays,Sycamore body w/Burl Poplar top and custom top tatoo,Gotho Wilkinson bridge,locking tuners and Manne Blade pickups.

This is Henric's main guitar that he uses in studio and for gigs.


The Fender Stratocaster American Special w/Maple neck,Custom Shop Texas Special pickups,Vintage-style synchronisized tremolo,locking tuner.

This Henric uses mainly for shows where he plays Classic Rock and Blues.


The Line6 Variax JTV 89 w/Bolt-On Maple neck,Mahogany body,Custom Tyler designed bridge,25 guitar models.

Henric use this mostly in studio but also for live shows where diversity (together w/Line6 POD) is needed





Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mk II + 4x12" together with Line6 POD X3 or Line6 POD HD Pro preamps together with FVB or FVB Shortboard footcontrol.